- Bringing an historic location to life through art

- Organising art expositions to inaugurate and publicise a business, an establishment, a brand, new premises, new shopping centres

- Transforming a city into an outdoor art gallery

- Organising ProjetArtVision’s international expositions with musical animation, artistic performances, painting, sculpture, photography, Street Art, “DecoArt” furniture decorating … the expositions will take place in premises identified by ProjetArtVision. 

For a successful Event

At our first meeting, we will discuss and develop your project together via video conference and we will establish a

budget while respecting your wishes.

Whether it is the “Optimale” package, including all the organisation of your event or simply an “À la carte” package

regarding more specific services, it would be my pleasure to meet you via video conference for a first meeting free of charge and with no obligation. 

ProjetArtVision’s values

Creativity, respect, collaboration, transparency, flexibility, efficiency, dynamism, professionalism, commitment in a relationship based on trust.