Marie-Claire Hardegger, artiste name "Djama"

 Artist / Gallery owner / Event organizer  

"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart."

Helen Adams Keller 


 “Art is a universal language that is felt by the heart and the spirit” Art is knowing how to give and exchange.

The passion of creating has no borders, restrictions, colour, religion, barriers, limits.

Awork of art is an instrument of communication which is strong like a universal language between peoples, different civilisations and cultures.

It will remain a vector of emotion, dialogue and peace. 

My goal

After several years’ experience in the organisation of artistic events, my priority has always been showcasing the artists and their work.

I decided to start my own business ProjetArtVision to bring a touch of novelty, modernity and also to be able to present artistic events internationally, in another form and in a different style…

ProjetArtVision relievesand supports you in the preparation and coordination of your events.

Affecting and distinguishing itself so that this adventure can be human, unique and unforgettable.